Time Helper

Time Helper - A tool for helping you do your timesheets.




Time Helper is a windows application that helps you do those mundane office tasks like timesheets and expense claims that overpaid PeopleSoft/SAP/Siebel consultants don't do for us for the Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) they build and force us to use.


Many years ago I had a script that would read the login log and automatically produce a well formatted timesheet - life was good. But things change and now we are forced to use HRMS that require an accountant to operate. Of the many HRMS I've used they all seem to be very disingenuous when it comes to time calculations and I've often needed to grab a pen and paper to do the arithmetic. A friend uses Excel macros to solve his dilemma, but I wanted something even simpler and handier so I created this application.

Good things come in small packages and the Time Helper window is very small. Just as well because it's also modal meaning you can have it tucked away in a corner with your main application maximised and still be able to read the results.

The application is made up of two parts. Simply click the tab on the part you want to operate.

  • Time Helper:
  • GST Helper:


    Simply put the executable on your desktop. There is only one file for this application (the binary file) and it is quite small.

    Unfortunately it only runs in Windows - which is where most HRMS clients run in anyway.

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    Download the Time Helper application time_helper.zip

    Enjoy, arthurguru, Feb 2008.